Brede Rimer Bjerke
+47 901 24 648

Brede is 21 years old from Trondheim. Brede is studying for a BSc in Business and Economics.
His motivation and managing skills motivates the rest of the board to be the best as we can.
When it comes to Fadderullan as a project Brede desire to give the new student a welcome worth remembering.


Head of PR and Marketing
Frida Bjørset
+47 902 49 858

Frida is 21 years old and is on her 2nd year studying PR and marketing communication.
Her goal is to give the students all the information they need before, during and after Fadderullan so they can have the best start to their studentlife as possible.
She also manages all the platforms on social media. 


Head of Ambassadors
Daniel Molstad
+47 918 46 525

Daniel is on his 2nd year of a bachelor in Business Administration and has been active in SBIO since his first semester. Daniel is a positive and creative student with a «just do it» attitude. His main responsibilities in Fadderullan is to manage, motivate and facilitate all the ambassadors.


Head of Security
Stine Larsen
+47 974 98 524


Head of Staff
Vilde Kristine Andersen
+47 918 57 667


Head of Finance
Armann Ingthorson
+47 977 26 917

Head of Business Relations
Magnus Emil Furnes
+47 918 57 525

Head of Event
Ida Helene Waskaas
+47 480 55 057