What is Fadderullan?
Fadderullan is Norways biggest buddyweek with over 4.000 participants. Fadderullan is arranged by SBIO, which is the student union at BI Norwegian Business School.

When is Fadderullan?
Fadderullan finds place in the middle of august.

Who can join Fadderullan?
All new Bachelor students, as well as those who have signed up as buddy or ambassadors, can attend the events by Fadderullan.

Is it possible for masterstudents to join Fadderullan?
It is possible for Master students to join all the events arranged by Fadderullan as long as they have tickets and wristbands.

What do I need to get into the events of Fadderullan?
You have to have a valid ticket from Billettservice (information in the tickets section) as well as wristband. If you show up on Fadderullans events without your bracelet and without any ticket, you won’t be able to attend the events.

I don’t like the traditional preparties – what do I do? I still want to join Fadderullan!
Don’t worry! We also got happenings and alternative preparties in the daytime, but you still got time for school and the main events.